08 September 2005

A glossary of sorts...

Ummm...here's a few buzzwords defined, maybe it will help lend a little sense to my entries...I'll try to go back and update it as I come up with more words...

The gang -- the 10 KEI students at MUIC this semester

KEI (Knowledge Exchange Institute) – My sponsoring program. We pay them a lump sum, they pay for school, find housing, arrange outings, etc. There are 10 KEI kids here now. There's probably ~60+ other internationals at MUIC who are not with KEI.

MUIC (Mahidol University International College) – the Thai institution I'm attending. Courses are taught in English, but only 10% of the students are from out of the country.

Tuk-tuk -- Hell yeah these things are fun. Bargain with the driver, then hand him your life as he weaves through Bangkok traffic.

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