19 May 2010

Masdar: building progress

Here's a few photos of what the new Masdar campus looks like: http://jennyperkinsblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/masdar-institute-green-university-is.html

Masdar students finally had the opportunity to tour inside Masdar in April.  Before, I had a picture in my mind of a big empty construction site waiting to be lived in.  But when we were tromping around in boots and construction helmets on site, I felt like I had wandered into the Emerald City in Oz as we navigated through streams of people.  Masdar already is a living, breathing, city as there are construction workers moving everywhere, working on everything.  I've heard that it's 24 hours of non-stop activity as different shifts cycle through.  I wish a proper historian could document this building process, because it's incredible.   I know everyone's excited about the buildings, but in 50 years time it will be a shame if they don't have photos like this one of an awesome old timer bolting a skyscraper together:

(photo by Lewis Hine)

Or these cool dudes on lunch break:
(photo by Charles C. Ebbets)