28 September 2005

Bangkok strikes back

I present you with: random thoughts and photos [Cue: corny Thai music]....duck and cover people, duck and cover...

The gang in a photo op behind a temple. Wow. They do detail here. Lots of detail.

Petchaburi beach. (School field trip) The water was so warm...

A scene from the heart of a Thailand jungle...um...actually this picture was taken in the middle of my campus. Seriously.

The street sidewalk across from campus. I usually order dinner from the street vendors here. Shortly after this picture was taken, it started pouring rain by the bucket, so I was trapped for a while. The street vendors put up tarps and took it in stride. Just look at those cute Thai uniforms. I wear the same thing to school everyday.

I LOVE organic chemistry. Discrete math + abstract algebra + chemistry --> happiness
Southeast Asian Dance and Theatre rocks my socks.
Thai is going to break my mind. In a good way.

Things I miss (in no particular order)

whole wheat bread
cold, dry air
people (you know who you are ^_^)

Things I'll miss when I leave Thailand

Street food
School uniforms
Coconut yogurt
Buddhist nuns
Khaosan Rd
Thai fruit (I've never seen half the fruits here before)
Naught/Not/Nod (KEI coordinator. Pure Thai. Catch phrases: "It's a Thai joke." "Why not?" "Are you okay?")


Alex said...

Hey Laura,
Hi from the antipode. I hope that everything is going well for you. The FWOP play for this semester has a crazy old lady, but it's just not the same without you.

Janet said...


I like your blog =)...

Have you had any dragonfruits? They look like aliens from the outside (fuschia with greenish *tendrils*) but on the inside they are white with black seeds, the texture of the very inner yellow part of a kiwi?

I think those are Thai. . .

anyways. ..cheers. GO LAURA!!!