01 October 2011


I have graduated from the Masdar Institute.  I'm living in Ghana right now, one day I'll start posting updates again...


Daniel said...

Looking forward to when you do!

Majd Jayyousi said...

Dear Ms.Stupin :

My name is Majd Jayyousi, I am interested in applying for Environmental Engineering in Masdar Institute , I wonder if I can Contact you for tips and help for my application.


Unknown said...

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Masha said...

Hi Laura,

how are you?

Seems like you have been doing lindy-hop...do you know anyone esle in UAE, who is into swing-dance? we are starting some initiative and would be great to have more people joining...

looks like you are in Ghana at the moment though (love it, lived there last year)...

all the best and drop me a line in case you know someone in UAE
Kind regards,

mariya.novak @ gmail.com

Unknown said...

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