19 May 2010

Masdar: building progress

Here's a few photos of what the new Masdar campus looks like: http://jennyperkinsblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/masdar-institute-green-university-is.html

Masdar students finally had the opportunity to tour inside Masdar in April.  Before, I had a picture in my mind of a big empty construction site waiting to be lived in.  But when we were tromping around in boots and construction helmets on site, I felt like I had wandered into the Emerald City in Oz as we navigated through streams of people.  Masdar already is a living, breathing, city as there are construction workers moving everywhere, working on everything.  I've heard that it's 24 hours of non-stop activity as different shifts cycle through.  I wish a proper historian could document this building process, because it's incredible.   I know everyone's excited about the buildings, but in 50 years time it will be a shame if they don't have photos like this one of an awesome old timer bolting a skyscraper together:

(photo by Lewis Hine)

Or these cool dudes on lunch break:
(photo by Charles C. Ebbets)

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Dave said...

Your comment about a lack of published construction diary is painfully true. I think in the culture and times of Masdar, the fear of being scene as behind schedule trumped the value of publishing or even cataloging construction progress. However great photos do exist and hopefully will be gathered and organised. Good thing to suggest to the developer to document their great project.