30 January 2010


I did it!  I took two steps in a handstand on Friday at parkour practice.  Wahoo!  New Year's resolution #1 mission complete.  Still working on New Year's resolution #2: more awkward.

In other news, Abu Dhabi is expanding its public transportation offerings.

This is great.  I came back from winter break to find two new bus routes that could get me all the way down town without taking a taxi.  Awesome.  I had silently, fervently hoped in my wildest dreams that this might happen sometime during my stay here, but never did I imagine it would happen so quickly.

Abu Dhabi is also installing a ton of air-conditioned bus stop booths.  Okay, fine, it jumps up to 50 C (122 F) in the summer here, air-conditioned bus stops are probably necessary.


The weather here is lovely right now, 23 C (73 F).  I sat in one of those bus stops recently (the air conditioning was off) and it was SUPER HOT inside.  You know why?  The bus stops are big glass boxes, i.e. small green houses.  ARGH.  Perfect.  Trap heat inside a glass box and then air condition it cool again.  I bet any carbon saved by people riding the bus will be quickly gobbled up by the air-condition greenhouses scheme.  Did no one think of insulative glass?  Did no one test them out before they starting installing them everywhere?

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