30 January 2009


On my last day in Zambia, I had the pure joy of riding an infamous double top tube black mamba bike on a red dirt rutted Zambia road one more time. As I passed a group of children walking, they gleefully shouted out, "How are you?!" and laughed when I shouted back "Fine!" Still laughing, they starting to run alongside my soaring bike, pounding the red earth with bare feet and flip flops. They ran with me for a long time, smiling and laughing between the deep blue sky, the rich green fields, and the muddy red road. I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful in my life.

I will also miss theway Zambian men (just friends, mind you) hold hands when they walk down the street, the way dragonflies float over the grass and through the razorwire into vast skies, and eating a mango under an umbrella watching thunderstorms.

Not to mention the AWESOME team I worked with in Zambia this year.

"Why are you smiting us?" -- Trys

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