06 October 2006


Mandelbrot gave me his autograph.
THE Mandelbrot.
Benoît Mandelbrot.
Father of fractals.
I have his signature.
It's here.
Right in front of me.
On my Ig Nobel program.
He signed it.

Excuse me while I go scream joyous screams of joyness until I explode from pure happiness...


Mel said...

Y'know, most girls have this reaction to pop stars and such. *grin*

Jon Cass said...

HE was there?!?! *FAN GIRL SCREAM* OHMIGOD!!!!!!!!!

(and sadly there is no sarcasm in this post :-D)

Grant Hutchins said...

Don't scream too loud or you might degrade into fractional dimensionality.

erin dowd said...

You met him??!! ZOMG!, that's awesome! And you went to the Ig Nobel Awards, too? I'm jealous!